CJ Forge Inc.

CJ Forge Inc.

Handcrafted Furniture, Custom Hardware & Fine Metal Art.

About Us

CJ Forge is a modern blacksmith shop located in southeast Michigan. We create handcrafted furniture, custom hardware, and functional ironwork for the home.


Kevin Keena

"Steel at the correct temperature will become pliable and with the right amount of force... can be shaped into whatever you want."          -Kevin Keena

Kevin Keena:

Kevin Keena is our professional, lead metal fabricator with nearly 40 years of experience in the industry. He later turned to blacksmithing and eventually partnered with lead blacksmith, Owen Creteau Jr. to create what is now CJ Forge Inc.

CJ Forge Lead Fabricator Kevin K. 

"There's a certain soul to blacksmithing, it has it's own magic..."        -Owen Creteau Jr.

Owen has spent the last 40 years mastering the ancient craft of blacksmithing and producing amazing, hand forged works of art. 

The two together, have an amazing amount of combined knowledge and experience as well as the skills to build just about anything in steel.

 Owen Creteau Jr:

Head blacksmith, Owen Creteau Jr., got his start forging back in 1976... demonstrating at Cotswold Forge, one of the oldest forges in America, at Henry Ford's Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan.

A true artist at heart, he has the vision and ability to mold raw steel into beautiful organic shapes and actually breathe life into the cold, hard material.

Master Blacksmith Owen Creteau Jr. & his Lady.

Donnie Miller

Donnie Miller found CJ Forge nearly 5 Years ago... and he just never left!


Donnie demonstrating for the public at the Royal Oak ; Clay, Glass & Metal Show.

Our Staff:

Our team of strikers!

Functional Ironwork For The Home

Custom Hardware & Furnishings, From Period Reproductions To Contemporary Designs.


Our focus is on craftsmanship & quality & each item we sell is forged by hand in our shop.